Hydrogel Mask


1, Back lining: non-woven Fabric (we can print your logo on the non-woven fabrics)

2, Middle Gel:  hydrophilic macromolecule gel with natural levo menthol

3, Protective film: Transparent Film ( OPP)



1. Best product for anti-wrinkle and anti-age

2. High performance moisturizer and hydration

3. Firmer skin

4. Stimulate cells regeneration and repair

5. Increase fiber flexibility and strengthen the nutrient uptake

6. Enable the skin keep fair, radiant and elastic



1.Clean face

2.Take out of the mask and spread it out.

3.Spread it on face and gently press with fingers to make it closely cling on face.

4.Relax and enjoy 15 minutes’ absorption of plant activate elements of mask. The time can be extended according to users’ own wish.

5.After using, please discard the mask, and then wipe away the remained liquid on face with soft paper, cotton or wet paper.